IMG_9103Hi! I’m Ragen Chastain and I’m a fat dancer who wanted to create dance classes that are non-intimidating and worked for people at lots of levels, with bodies of all sizes. The Every Body Dance Now series was born!   If you want to dance, then you already have a dancer’s body.  Come dance with us!

You can download the classes here!

What the classes are:

Fun, easy to follow, non-intimidating, choreography-based classes with options to suit dancers of all levels

Each download includes warm-up/cool down, instruction for one dance, and dance party at the end.

What the classes are not:

They are not slickly produced or fancy.  They were filmed to be the same experience as taking a class with me – I’m not wearing make-up, I’m not interested in looking perfect so we did very few re-takes, I am having fun and I hope you will too!

Questions?  Comments?  Feedback? E-mail me at ragen@danceswithfat.org

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  1. Dear Ragen,

    I just want to say how inspiring you and your dancing is. For nearly 30 years since I was very young, possibly as young as 2 or 3 I thought that high self-worth depended on lack of fat. I thought that fat was wrong, that my body was wrong and that I couldn’t dance or run or do any kind of physical activity because I was too fat. Eating became my comfort and fat became my excuse. I stopped ballet lessons at 8, swimming at 11 and hockey at 12. I don’t think I’ve run since I was 13 and only when I was forced to at a sports day at school where everyone zipped ahead of me. I have hated my body for so long. I’ve always wanted to dance and you’ve given me hope. I’ve given fat acceptance lip service but I’ve not believed it until I started following you. So thank you for giving me back my body. I am going to sign up for yoga lessons and download your dance videos. And I’ve made a fat positive Pinterest called Fatspo. http://pinterest.com/songindarkness/fatspo/

    Thanks again!
    J x

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