Attend a Live Class

Dance Class 1Join me at the Abundia Conference!

I’ll be keynoting the Chicago area Conference November 1-3, 2013.

To a book a class or workshop, e-mail me at ragen@danceswithfatorg

Dance-Related Topics Include:

  • Dance for Every Body– Have fun, move, and appreciate your awesome body with a fun choreographed dance class appropriate for all sizes, ages, and abilities.
  • Teaching from a Health at Every Size Perspective: How to coach and teach dancers in a way that helps them build high self-esteem, positive body image, and a healthy relationship with food, movement, and their bodies.
  • Athletes at Every Size– An inspirational talk from a professional fat athlete about finding and embracing your inner athlete at any size.
  • Coaching the Fat Dancer: Methods and practical applications for teaching dancers with large bodies.
  • Custom Workshop:  We’ll be happy to build a workshop to suit your needs. Just ask!

Other Keynotes and Classes Include:

The Positive Body – Real options for health, happiness and high self-esteem starting wherever you are right now.

Your Health Your Voice – An interactive workshop where you’ll learn to advocate for yourself to make sure that you get the evidence-based and supportive healthcare you deserve throughout your life.

Wellness Care for People of Size – Healthcare and public health messaging best practices that engage people of size without the shaming and stigma that can keep them from taking care of themselves and getting the healthcare they need.

Sticks & Stones: The Dangers of Negative Public Health Messaging — A case study of Children’s Health Care of Atlanta’s failed childhood anti-obesity campaign

The Galileo Problem –  7 Obesity Myths Health Professionals Need to Know – A look at what public health really means, evidence-based healthcare, and how we can make it accessible to people of all sizes.


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